Your Website Must Haves

Your website is like your virtual home or office where people can find information about you and your business. Likened to how you present your product or brand to your customers through tools and different media, with your website, you need to have them complete too. Here is a great checklist to keep note for your website components. Blog To increase user

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Online Business vs Offline Business

The decision of whether to get into a traditional offline business, a modern online business, or some combination of the two, is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Each has pros and cons that should be considered. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the differences and similarities between online and offline business, so

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Stick to Your Game

Are you happy with your work right now? In this inspiring message, you’ll learn the following: How to focus on what you are good at. How to be a master of your craft. How to be successful in your job, work or business. God’s message for you today through Bo’s Powertalk: Stick To Your Game Your job, work or business

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Advanced Web Themes Portfolio


Xangati Xangati delivers service assurance analytics that enable you to see, resolve and prevent live storm contention issues across silos, with deep data intelligence that helps optimize virtual applications and end-user quality of experience. As Linkd Media web developer, i was assigned to develop the homepage, header, footer, and some inner pages of Xangati. The theme was built from scratch.

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