Starting Home-Based

Working at home is ideal for most people. You don’t need to commute to go to the office, dress up-get up, spend money during breaktimes, less stress from co-workers and boss, plus, you get to spend more time with your family (etc.) Who doesn’t want that?

But the idea of working home for me did not come out of my own will but because I felt circumstances lead me to it..I mentioned on my last blog (A Flashback to My Typical Employee Days) that my health started to get weak. That lead me to deciding to work freelance and my first resort job? Home-tutorial. I have this natural inclination with kids ever since. It started years back during college when after school I would go and volunteer to teach kids in slum areas and that built my attachment and relationship with them.

The experience gave me the confidence to start my own tutoring business at home. At first, I started teaching 2 elementary siblings. They would go to my home and for an hour or two I would teach them their lessons and assignments. I set up our garage like a semi-classroom. From preschool to highschool I would teach. It gave me a sense of joy when they would get better grades and excel in school, plus, the fulfillment I get when parents are happy and expresses their trust and loyalty to me. They would even refer me to other parents.

In about 5 years, from 2 kids, I get to teach more than 20 kids – different character, different status in life, different experiences with each..


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Jena Jena is a Digital Marketing Pro who serves to empower businesses through Writing Articles, Social Media Management and Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Administration and Gen. Virtual Assistance. She is a Virtual Assistant Coach and trains aspirants firsthand by her generous knowledge, indubitable skills and right attitude piloting new online professionals to serve their best and shine their crafts.

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