The VA Job Hunt

Hunting for VA jobs at first is not an easy journey.. some of the humps you’ll encounter will make you pause and assess time and again questions on why its taking you long to find that job that you aim for?

Are my credentials not enough?
Have I plunked my interview?
Am I not good enough?
Do I lack the skills?

These are just a few…


From the beginners point, these things are normal. Remember the same struggles when you hunt for a job in the ‘real world’ (what I mean is not virtually). It is pretty much the same, you search for a nice employer to work for, you have a lot of competing applicants along sides, you negotiate for reasonable work payment, etc., What makes the difference with hunting for a VA job is that you do all those things at the comfort of your own space. You do all those at home. You just basically browse. Less energy going to the company – you don’t travel. Less money spent. Less stress.

However, bear in mind that you should be on for the real thing: WORK. If you seek enough of classified ads on the newspapers, or go walk in through business establishments after another, you should also take it seriously to ready yourself for the real challenge. Remember, not all things do not come as easy as finding what you really want. There are also fraud companies and scammers online that you will stumble on when you don’t know exactly where and what you are looking for. MY ADVICE: Find people you know who are already in the business of virtual assistance. A virtual assistant friend or a mentor is certainly a big help to lessen zig zaging your way. There are also virtual assistance seminars that you can attend that will train you of virtual assistant skills.

In my experience, I am lucky enough to find people who helped me on my first steps as I thread on becoming a virtual assistant. At first, I have needed to invest money (some do not need it but I did for a seminar), knowledge, connections, friendships, but nothing beats clear determination. It should be something that you really want and is sure to do. Otherwise, you may just find yourself going back again to the same arena that you left.

Most importantly, you need to ask yourself if this is really what you want. Before jumping into the field of virtual assistance, you need to make yourself ready – First, financially (to allot for the expenses at time that you are still jobless and at the stage of job hunting). If you are on the verge of financial short, you may need to go part time hunting instead while you still hold your offline job. If you are going for a VA job hunt on full time, you need to have a ready plan – for cases that you will not be meeting your expectations soon enough.

Undeniably, you need to be ready as well for a total change of lifestyle. Most VA works remotely or at the comfort of their home. If you are a usual ‘gimickero’, it may mean two things, less time with barkada (because you will be out of usual after office hours gimick), or more time for them because of more time freedom.

More time with family may also be one of the best perks of working with time freedom and from home. But, if you are a family person with kids, it will also mean for you to need to secure a place in your home where you can work without being hassled by crying baby around or kids messing with your work place and work time. It all boils down to personal organization and time scheduling.

Above all, know why you are doing what you wanted to do. Our Strongest Emotional Why dictates our determination and successes. You will not always have the opportunity coming, you will not always have the time. But as soon as you recognize that it is already in front of you, grab it, make the best out of it, take care of it – and it will also take the best care of you.

Happy VA work hunting! 🙂

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