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11873705_10153160075987057_4248528699400940269_nWhich of these are you familiar with,¬†or had been able to use? I’m sure you giggling as it discloses your real age… aha! ūüėÄ

I remember this boom box years, cassette tape players, betamax, VHS, big box-type speakers and dialers. Lucky to have been able to use them and experience that era and also witness how gadgets today transformed from their Star Trek age.

They are the fathers and mothers of now digital audio, video media players, digital cameras, laptop to palm top, and hi-tech gadget-phones.

The transitioned gadgets are now revolutionary handy with every applications that make human life easier than ever in every way.

I love to travel. And often, I go alone without a travel buddy. How would you imagine if you see me on the street with a boombox mounted on my ear, or a head-banging headband with antenna, a dialer on my pocket, and to complete the scene, a video camcorder to take my selfies? Haha!

Nowadays’ technology doesn’t have to give you that circus-parade ūüėõ Technology would take me out of style. It also solves that ‘carrying dilemma.. “Oh so heavy….” – that’s what I would argue about. Now, you can almost bring the whole of your house¬†in your pocket.

In this article I¬†wanna share with you some ‘travel-light’, ‘travel- buddies’ that will make your next trip so hassle free, enjoyable and memorable to the bits. And you won’t have to carry a thing heavier than your…. pocketbook maybe?

1. Tripit¬†(Free) –¬†TripIt allows you to organize your entire trip in one place. Email Tripit whenever you book and the app will automatically upload it to your trip. This give you easy access to your itinerary and the details with just a few clicks.

2. Wikitude (Free) –¬†This app is like the web version of Wikipedia come to life! The technology in this app uses your phone‚Äôs camera to survey your location and relate it to content on Wikipedia. The result is customized information based precisely on where you are at that moment!

3. FlightAware (Free) –¬†Keep track of your flight on the go, or the flights of family and colleagues. Simply enter your flight number and FlightAware does the rest. This app sends notifications to your phone keeping you up on the latest details of your flight. Waiting to pickup someone at the airport? Yes, this app will tell you when the plane has officially landed.

4. Postagram ($0.99 US Delivery; $1.99 Delivery abroad) –¬†Your digital photos become postcards! Did you ever wish you could send that amazing Instagram photo from your trip back to your family? Now you can, as a postcard! Use apps like Instagram and Facebook to turn your journey into postcards that are mailed to loved ones back home.

5. AllTrails Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails (Free) –¬†Includes 50,000 trails¬†all¬†across¬†North America. AllTrails uses your phone‚Äôs GPS to find the closest hiking and biking routes in your area from

6. Kayak (Free) –¬†Kayak is a one stop shop for flight, car, and hotel bookings, and now you can book on the go. It easy-to-use and you get some of the best travel deals out there. What‚Äôs not to love?

7. AllSubway ($0.99) –¬†Navigating your way around a new city has never been easier thanks to AllSubway. Simply search for the city you‚Äôre going to and an easy to use digital subway map pops up.

8. Yelp (Free) –¬†Yelp is one of the best apps out there for searching just about anything in a city. Use Yelp to search for spas to spaghetti and everything in between. User reviews and a handy star system help you to choose the best places.

9. Sitorsquat (Free) –¬†Never be stranded and begging for a potty again! Use this app to find the closest public restrooms with a user-friendly map. Never again do you have to make a mad dash to the nearest coffee house or gas station doing the shake and bob waiting for your turn!

10. Trip Journal ($2.99) –¬†Trip Journal tracks your travel route via GPS and even geotags your photos so you can automatically create a journal of your trip. You can even add notes and place marks for info on your favorite places!

Have an amazing travel! Don’t forget to take a selfie! ūüėČ






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