Doable Social Summit 2014

In the field of Digital Marketing and Social Media, it is very important that you keep yourself updated on what’s the latest hang about in the digital marketing arena. If you care about your business and your customers, it is instinctual that you would always think about how can you better your service and improve your craft.

In the last 2 weeks I am privileged to be able to attend the Doable Social Summit 2014 – an event braced by some of the most outstanding men and women in their crafts and in today’s Digital Marketing era.


I am lucky to work with Mike Gingerich who had given me the opportunity to dive in and know how these giants do their thing and learn from them. Thankful for the privilege, I am excited as I know how I can grow with these great people’s guidance and inspiration.

Of course, what a better way to learn but through practice and imparting knowledge! 🙂 I’ll post some of the bits I have learned on my next blogs. Hope you can learn as much as I do! Be inspired to set your game!


About the author

Jena Jena is a Digital Marketing Pro who serves to empower businesses through Writing Articles, Social Media Management and Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Administration and Gen. Virtual Assistance. She is a Virtual Assistant Coach and trains aspirants firsthand by her generous knowledge, indubitable skills and right attitude piloting new online professionals to serve their best and shine their crafts.

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