I use to want to work so hard and earn to be able to have a means to enjoy my life and be worry free. To be able to provide for my family and see them happy in itself is my peak. But whenever I try to seek, I was always steered into something that would put me to compromise a part of me – either my health, quality time or even my value as a skilled professional. It was not surprising and new that a lot of people are seeking for their own opportune place regardless if it lead them to a foreign land or be stuck in the corporate world with money and growth or otherwise.

In the end, it’s actually not the details of the work that won you over – it’s your need of it. We all have a share of it as we thread on finding our own nirvana when it comes to our career. Fortunate are those who get to find them earlier and those that have been served in a platter.

Yet finding mine is a different thing. It steps in when I was at the lowest and deepest of bottoms. You never know what those ‘death’ times would give you. The only thread I hold on to is Trust that each day is not always the same as with the other days. And so it is. 🙂  I want to show you how you can be able to work at your own pace, place, choice, even price. Is that possible? YES! Because I found it. 🙂


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