Your Website Must Haves

Your website is like your virtual home or office where people can find information about you and your business. Likened to how you present your product or brand to your customers through tools and different media, with your website, you need to have them complete too. Here is a great checklist to keep note for your website components.


To increase user engagement, make sure that your comment feature and social media share are both activated. These will allow visitors to comment on your content and share it with their networks. Add a search bar and sidebar blog post archive to make it easier for visitors to find the content they want.

Inner pages

Visitors want to know what your business is about, so keep your About Us and FAQ pages updated with the latest information. Provide a contact form for inquiries, and a Privacy Policy Page so they know how you’re going to use the data you get from them. To make sure you receive only legitimate messages, use Captcha or other anti-spam features to keep spammers at bay.

Though not all of them needs to be on your website, you need to see what parts and pieces your business needs to have. There are different plugins that will correspond to every business’ efficiency and need. Make sure that every part has a function and not just for a show of technicality, which in the end may only make things hard for your customers to get you.



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